IFN UK Islamic Finance Week – 5th September 2018  222

Start Date : 5th September 2018
End Date : 6th September 2018
Venue : Mansion House, London
Country : United Kingdom
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Following on from the success of 2017, IFN Europe Forum once again returns to London – this time for a full week of activities in conjunction with leading European regulators, global standard-setters, world leaders and UK and European Islamic finance practitioners.

Working closely with the UK authorities and hosted in tandem with the UK government’s annual Global Islamic Financial Investment Group, the event will comprise a full one-day event covering all the latest developments and key topics in Europe’s Islamic finance landscape; along with a series of additional events, breakout sessions and focus groups throughout the following week to bring together leading practitioners and drill down into the nuts and bolts of doing business in Europe. Across an array of sectors from real estate and fintech to human capital, education and regulation, the Islamic Finance Week will shine a spotlight on the latest opportunities in the region and how to take advantage of them.

European markets have continued to demonstrate a strong commitment to Islamic finance with an emphasis on growing the Islamic investment industry. In addition to real estate investment funds, Europe is also a vibrant market for alternative investment funds, private equity, retail, hedge funds and SRI investing. While the UK has made strides forwards with its supportive regulatory environment, attractive Sukuk listing location and booming real estate market, other countries are also making their mark. Luxembourg continues to be a key platform for Shariah compliant funds while also pioneering the green finance movement, while France is making leaps and bounds in the Islamic fintech arena and Germany continues its headway into the retail banking space. And of course, the exclusive announcement from the UK government at IFN Europe Forum 2017 regarding the reissuance in 2019 of its GBP200 million (US$264.1 million) Sukuk refocuses attention on the European capital markets, and how they can leverage sovereign support to kick-start corporate issuance.

IFN London: Islamic Finance Week 2018 is expected to gather participants from across Europe, Asia and the Middle East and will encompass everything related to the continent’s growing Islamic finance industry, attracting a truly global audience with a focus on central issues and latest developments.


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