Al Sharq Youth Annual Conference 2019  78

Start Date : 1st May 2019
End Date : 2nd May 2019
Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Country : Malaysia
Total participant : 0
Total Interested : 0
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About the Conference

Our world is about to enter a new era, a period that is expected to be governed by Artificial Intelligence, robotics and other disruptive technologies, an era where the definition of power itself is being transformed. The world of the future is about automation, giving more power to the people, and creating a more equal society. This is a world of new opportunities.

Embracing transformation is crucial for progress and innovation. The Al Sharq Youth 5th Annual Conference will be a hotbed for future critical knowledge, unique theoretical models and experiences within a distinguished atmosphere, carefully designed to maximize networking opportunities in addition to increasing the visibility of the participants. It will open up new horizons and allow us to position ourselves in the global future.


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