1st International Conference on Islamic Sustainable Development  256

Start Date : 12th November 2019
End Date : 13th November 2019
Venue : Penang
Country : Malaysia
Total participant : 0
Total Interested : 0
Institution : Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor - KUIS
Url : https://ircief.org.my/icisd/


United Nation Environment launched the Green Economy Initiative (GEI) in 2008 comprising global research and national level assistance to encourage policymakers to support environmental investments in the context of sustainable development. Undeniably, Green Economy offers a way to achieve sustainable development that provides a better quality of life for all. This is accomplished by linking economic, environmental and social consideration to sustainable development in such a way that long term economic development is initiated into fair and sociaI-friendly solution.

However, these developments are still unable to address the ‘intangible’ issues related to sustainable development such as the greed of self-indulgence elements that are a major factor in contributing to the destruction and non-sustainability of nature. For that, Islamic-based approach with the Islamic philosophy is needed to develop a sustainable and comprehensive green and Islamic-based development.

Therefore, 1st ICISD 2019 is expected to be a platform for scholars, policy makers and industry to discuss and exchange ideas in contributing towards this goal.

Conference Theme

Sustainable Green Development


  1. Sustainable Green Development: Basics
    * Philosophical Underpinnings
    * Basic Concepts
    * Guidelines from al-Qur’an and Sunnah
  2. Sustainable Green Development in:
    * Islamic-Based Development
    * Islamic Asset Development Management
    * Islamic Management
    * Islamic Service Management
    * Islamic Institutions
    * Islamic Political Economy
    * Islamic Research Methodology
    * Islamic Finance
    * Islamic Economics
    * Islamic Governance
    * Islamic Educations
    * Islamic Laws
    * Islamic Sociology & Anthropology
    * Islamic Medicine and Health Issues
    * Islamic Information and Communication Technology
    * Islamic Design and Architecture
  3. Islamic Finance Engineering
  4. Financial Technology (Finntech)
  5. Innovation
  6. Value-based Intermediation (VBI)
  7. Green Infrastructure Development
  8. Risk Management
  9. Maqasid Shariah
  10. Sustainability Development
  11. Welfare-Macroeconomics


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