7th Global Waqf Conference 2019  810

Start Date : 10th November 2019
End Date : 13th November 2019
Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Country : Malaysia
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Total Interested : 1
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Url : https://gwc2019.mediu.edu.my/


The Development, Management and Innovation of Waqf for the millennial Generation


The central theme of the 7th GWC 2019 interfaces with one of the significant drivers of the Global Islamic Economy (GIE) i.e.; the fast growth of the youngest population; 1.8 billion in 2017 to rise to 3 billion in 2060 in the medium age (24) in the Muslim world, over 32 medium age of the rest of the world.

Given the strategic trends and development in rejuvenating the economy of the Muslim world coupled with the scientific, technological innovation, the Waqf based Enterprise (WBE) pathfinder offers a new window of a spiritual, social, economic and scientific paradigm shift in preparing a new era of pursuit of happiness, prosperity and success as its unique Contribution of a Green Seachange Strategies.

With the evolving Green Seachange Strategy of Waqf being revisited into the life and purpose of new generation of Millennials Muslims, the ecosystem of the Waqf-based Enterprise Economy (WEE) demand imperatives of leadership at all level – global, regional, national, institutional, community, family and individual leadership is key to the new development, management and innovation of Waqf across the world both for the Ummah and Humanity at large.

Towards achieving the New Ecosystem of Waqf based Enterprise Economy, in the life governance of Muslims Nations, society, and community, including the family and individual member, the following premises are paramount; Waqf policy making, Waqf Enterprise, Waqf Institutional structure, administrative, thought leadership, process, products, services and network of collaborators and cooperation of the whole Islamic Financial and Banking Institutions into the contemporary history and beyond of the Ummah is in the Service of humanity and its own fate changing agenda.


  • To develop leadership that encourages & drives waqf development strategies for the Millennials.
  • To nurture a new class of millennial based waqf corporates & enterprise that embrace waqf economy.
  • To map out profitable opportunities & promote a new digitally driven waqf based economy.
  • To promote collaboration between Religious agencies, Tech firms, Corporate, Government & Academics.



1.To establish new Ethical Framework & Governance for waqf based enterprise.

2.To establish new waqf based enterprise economic framework for better administration.

3.To explore the future offered by the digital revolution in the service of humanity.

4.To establish a global waqf based enterprise economy that promotes wealth for the good of humanity.

Innovation of the Waqf Based Enterprise

1.To showcase new and successful innovations disrupting the way waqf is being implemented.

2.To infuse new dynamism & purpose into millennials and foster collaboration between scholars, practitioners, regulators & disruptors.

Who Should Attend

(1) Waqf Practitioners

(2) Government Agencies

(3) Religious Authorities

(4) Banking & Financial Experts

(5) Sharia Advisory & Consultants

(6) Academicians / Students

(7) Community Leaders / NGOs

(8) Corporate Management

(9) Islamic Fintechs

Why Participate

(1) Stay ahead by finding new innovative solutions to help develop Waqf.

(2) Greater understanding of how technology can be used to develop Waqf.

(3) Opportunity to network with waqf experts and practitioners.

(4) Hear about successful regional Waqf project implementations.

(5) Participate in interactive breakout sessions featuring wide-ranging topics with the experts.



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