3rd Islamic fintech dialogue (IFD2020)  47

Start Date : 1st December 2020
End Date : 2nd December 2020
Venue : Online
Country : Malaysia
Total participant : 1
Total Interested : 0
Institution : International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance - ISRA
Url : https://if360.isra.my/ifd2020


IFD2020 - The World’s Leading Islamic Fintech Event

Theme: Islamic Fintech Ecosystem: Connecting the Dots

About IFD

The Islamic fintech dialogue (IFD) conference is an event that focuses on the convergence of the Islamic finance industry with the financial technology (fintech) industry. Establish since 2017, IFD has become a trailblazer for dialogues on this convergence and promises more with enlightening sessions and captivating speakers for the upcoming conference.


The 3rd IFD (IFD2020)

Islamic fintech is a rapidly growing interest in the Islamic finance ecosystem. The 3rd Islamic Fintech Dialogue will explore more on what is driving this interest and the direction of the industry. IFD since its inception has established itself as a central point of discussion on the growth and development of Islamic fintech. The 1st IFD touches on the basics and fundamentals of Islamic fintech in areas such as governance, regulations, Shariah compliance, etc. The 2nd IFD dealt with industry challenges and opportunities while providing fintech insights to challenging the norm of the industry and those that were disrupted.

The 3rd IFD (IFD2020) will push the discussion further to better understand the missing components in industry. Fintech was always seen as the disruptor for the industry, however 2020 has seen a new disruptor that affected all aspect of the financial world, i.e., Covid19. It can be said that this disruptor has more relevant for the Islamic fintech industry, fintech in general, to help shape the new norm. However, the reality seems that industry is not connected, and there are some missing pieces. The event this year will discuss these areas to better understand where lays the dots that already exist that can be connected and where are the missing dots in building an Islamic fintech ecosystem.  



To raise awareness of the growing efforts being played by the Islamic fintech players to help with the current crisis.

To understand some of the hurdles that are facing the industry players that are inspired to push the industry beyond the norm.

To Understand the role of Shariah in pushing shariah-based fintech to the industry. 

To encourage new shariah compliant fintech initiatives.




Big Data

Big Tech

Robo Advisory (investment)

Social Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Payment Gateway



Venture Capitalists


Fintech Companies and Starts-Up

Shariah Scholars & Advisors

Bankers and Practitioners

Government Agencies






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