What is I-FIKR

I-FIKR is a collection of significant database that is designed to meet the requirement of industry player, Shari’ah scholars, regulators, policy makers, the academics, researchers and the Islamic finance stakeholders in general to cater for the needs of research and development of Islamic finance.


Who can register?

Anyone can sign-up for the I-FIKR portal by clicking on the sign in button. Registration for I-FIKR is free. However, users must subscribe to I-FIKR individual package to get full access to all the materials.


How can I upload Materials to the I-FIKR Portal?

Uploading materials on the portal may occur in two methods. 1. The I-FIKR admin may at its discretion permit individual associated with ISRA to upload or post materials related to Islamic finance upon approval of the material. 2. Institutions with an institution profile on I-FIKR may post materials under resources section on their Institution page on I-FIKR.

ISRA will not be held liable for any breach of copyright made by the individual or institution.


How can I add an Event?

An event can ONLY be added by respective representative of a subscribed Institution on I-FIKR. 


Do I need to subscribe to use the Compendium?

The ISRA Compendium is available for all users on the I-FIKR portal. However, users are not allowed to store any aspect of the compendium on other platform. Please refer to the terms and conditions for further details.


Do I need to subscribe to view ISRA publication?

Some of ISRA publications are available free for all subscribers. However, to view ISRA Research paper and some other publications, users are required to subscribe to have full access.


Do I need to subscribe to view the Fatwa Bank?

Yes, ONLY subscribe users will be able to view the I-FIKR Fatwa Bank.


Do I need to subscribe to view the ISRA Ontology?

Yes, ONLY subscribe users will be able to view the full ISRA ontology.


Does I-FIKR allow collaboration?

I-FIKR is the brain child of the International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA). Respected institutions may seek collaboration with ISRA directly.


For any further question, I-FIKR subscribers may send us questions directly through our live chat facility and we can respond to you directly or you may send us an email: [email protected]