Islamic Banking

Islamic banking refers to a system of banking activities that operates within the realms of Shari'ah teachings. For further details see: ISRA, Islamic Financial System; Principles and Operations.


Deposit Insurance Scheme
Authorizing the Buyer to Act as the Seller’s Agent in Buying from the Exporter and Selling to Himself
إجراء عمليات الشراء الآجل للعملات الأجنبية (Forward)
استثمار أموال البنك في الأسهم والعقارات
بطاقة الائتمان الإسلامية وفقاً لصيغة القرض الحسن
Murabahah Debt Restructuring with Central Banks as Guarantor
Murabahah Structure
Murabahah With Exporting And Importing Companies
احتساب نتائج المشاركة
Resolution No. 139 (5/15): Credit Cards
Resolution No. 136 (15/2): Al-musharakah Al-mutanaqisah And Its Shari’ah Rules
How Can Parallel IstiÎnÉÑ Be Structured?
Are Operational Leases and Finance Leases Both Considered Valid Lease Agreements?
What is the Ruling on a Lease Agreement That Culminates in Ownership?
Clarifications on Some Conditions of Partnership
Taking Bonds or Bills as Payment for Debts
Can an Investor Withdraw from an Investment Project before Its Term?
Is It Allowed to Use LIBOR as a Benchmark?
What is the Investment Procedure in Case an Investment Savings Account is Opened in a Foreign Currency?
Is a Guarantee against any Defect in the Product of Istisna‘ Allowed?
What Are the Rulings of Establishing a Real Estate Portfolio?
Is it Permissible to Enter in a Salam Contract for a Third Party?
What are the Shari‘ah Conditions for a Musharkah?
Resolution No. 129 (14/3): Contractor Agreements and Construction Contracts
What are the Rulings of the Investment Agency Contract?
What are The Shari‘Ah Rulings on the Stipulation in Wakalah Contract?
Is it possible to enter into a Shari’ah-compliant financial agreement with the Turkish government by purchasing the usufruct of their assets?
Is it possible for a separate company that is rated by an agency like S & P to play the role of a reputable bank in issuing a pledge in a Murabahah operation?
What is the Shari’ah compliant way to structure the purchase and lease of two airplanes?
Is it allowed to adopt templates to enter into Tawarruq transactions with a select group of international banks and financial institutions?
Is it allowed to buy a telecommunication services from a mobile service provider and then lease it to its clients?
Is it permissible to enter into Murabahah investment deals using an investment Wakalah agreement?
What is the opinion on the proposed Tawarruq financing by KFH Malaysia?
Is it permissible to conduct an international murabahah agreement for repeated deals on metals worth 250 million Kuwaiti dinars for a period of 5 years?
Is it permissible to form murabahah contractual agreements with different timeframes and a separate contractual agreement with each deal?
What’s Your Opinion Regarding the Treatment of a Composite Lease as a Loan by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?
Is it Allowed to Participate in a Lease Contract That Contains a Clause which Contravenes the Laws of Shari’ah?
What is the Fatwa Committee’s Opinion of this Structure of Establishing a Fund for Leasing Out Airplanes?
What is the Ruling on This Proposed Structure of ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik for Lands or Real Estates?
What is the Fatwa Committee’s Opinion on the Enclosed Copy of an ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik Agreement?
Is It Permissible to Provide ‘educational murabahah’ as a Humanitarian Service that Will Aid in Developing Kuwaiti Families?
What is the Fatwa Committee’s Opinion Regarding the Enclosed Model for ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik Agreement that KFH-Bahrain Desires to Use?
What’s the Fatwa Committee’s Opinion Regarding the ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik Agreement for the Vacant Land?
What is the Ruling on Leasing a Building to the Owner of the Building’s Land?
Is It Allowed to Terminate the Contract of BBA That Began To Give Effects of Ownership to Enter in a New BBA with the Same Customer?
Application of al-Ijarah thumma al-Bai` in Vehicle Financing
Assignment of Liabilities in al-Ijarah thumma al-Bai`
Ownership Status of Ijarah Asset
Termination of Ijarah Contract
Absorption of Costs Associated with Ownership of Asset in Ijarah
Deposit Payment in Islamic Hire Purchase
Project Financing Based on Istisna` with Pledging of Conventional Bond
Application of Mudarabah Contract in Current Account Product
Financing Products Based on Musyarakah
Deposit Product Based on Tawarruq
Financing Product Based on Tawarruq
Sukuk Ijarah and Shariah Compliant Shares as Underlying Asset in Tawarruq Transaction
Application of Wakalah bi al-Istithmar in Deposit Product
Two Forms of Ibra’ in a Financing Agreement
Spot and Forward Foreign Currency Exchange Transactions
Forward Foreign Currency Exchange Transaction Based on Bai` Mu’ajjal
Foreign Currency Option Based on Hamish Jiddiyyah, Wa`d and Tawarruq
Foreign Currency Option Based on Wa`d and Two Independent Tawarruq Transactions
Islamic Credit Card Based on Bai` `Inah and Wadi`ah
Current Account Product Based on Wadi`ah Yad Dhamanah and Mudarabah Contracts
Deposit Product Based on Mudarabah and Qard Contracts
Deposit Product Based on Wadi`ah and Mudarabah Contracts
Financing Product for House under Construction Based on Istisna` Muwazi, Ijarah Mawsufah fi al-Zimmah and Ijarah Muntahia bi al-Tamlik
Development of a New Contract in the form of MurÉbaÍah Partnership Along with the MurÉbaÍah Transaction to the Purchase Orderer
What's the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Proposed Amendments to the Diminishing Musharakah Contract Concerning the Period and Iqalah?
Murabahah to the Purchase Order Framework After Amendments
Diminishing Musharkah Framework After Amendments
What's the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Purchase of Vehicles from Suppliers in Order to be Sold to Clients on the Basis of Murabahah?
What's the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Purchase of Household Equipments from Suppliers in Order to Be Sold to Clients on the Basis of Murabahah?
Mudarabah Contract Framework After Amendments
Is it Allowed for the Bank to Purchase Machinery in Order to be Leased Out for a Specified Period in Exchange for an Annual Rent Agreed Upon Between the Bank and Lessee?
What's the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Financing of Vehicles and Houseshold Equipments?
Investment Account Framework After Amendments
Term Account Framework After Amendments
Qard Hasan Framework After Amendments
Is it a Condition in a Vehicle Financing Based on Murabahah to the Purchase Order that the Vehicle Must Be Registered Under the Bank Name Before the Execution of the Contract?
What’s the Fatwa Committee’s Opinion on the Following Musharakah Structure?
Is it Allowed for KFH in Collaboration with Citibank to Finance the Construction of a Highway in Turkey?
Terms and Conditions as the Minimum Requirements for Mudarabah Contracts Set By the Central Bank of Bahrain
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Investment Agency Contracts Used By KFH-Bahrain and KFH-Kuwait?
Commodity Murabahah (Tawarruq) Frameworks to Be Used with Selected International Banks and Financial Institutions
Investment Agency Agreement Framework
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding Building Villas by KFH on a Land Owned by the Bank in Order to Be Sold to Customers Through Difference Methods?
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Islamic Credit Card Project?
Client Guarantee for Commodity Soundness in Murabahah Transactions
Modes of Participation between Banks in the Murabahah Contracts
قواعد وأحكام بيع السلم
مراجعة هامش الربح وفق تغيير سعر العائد المصرفي السائد في السوق
شراء البنك آليات وتسجيلها باسمه وتأجيرها للغير
إبرام البنك عقدًا مع العميل للبيع بالوكالة
تمويل رأس المال العامل من خلال الوكالة بالاستثمار
المشاركة بعد شراء أسهم
تطبيق نظام الثواب والعقاب في المشاركة
منتج مشاركة متناقصة لحصة شائعة من أصل المتعامل
عقود المشاركة المتناقصة
Ijarah Contract with Floating Rental Rate
Financing Based on Musyarakah Mutanaqisah
Conditions for Validity of Bai` `Inah Contract
Islamic Credit Card Based on the Concepts of Wakalah and Kafalah





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