Treasury Securities

Foreign Exchange

Can the Bank Inform the Investor of His Expected Profit in Commodity Murabahah with Variations Based on the Currency Used?
A Forex Option
An Islamic Bank Has an Account in Foreign Currency with a Foreign Bank and Vice Versa. Can They Treat Each Other’s Deposits as Non-Interest Loans for Investment?
Changing a Check in a Foreign Currency; What Day’s Price Should Be Recorded?
Dollars Are Purchased at Different Prices on the Same Day; Which Price Should the Customers Be Charged?
The Customer Requests a Bank Draft to Cash It with a Foreign Bank, which Will Charge a Fee for Cashing It. Does the Issuing Bank Have to Inform the Customer about the Fee?
Resolution No. 105: The permissibility of borrowing in deutsche marks and lending in US dollars to avoid price volatility
Resolution No. 110: Selling foreign currencies to clients for less than the market price in order to encourage them to deal with the Corporation
The Exchange Rate to Be Used on an Unexpected Deposit by a Third Party for a Customer in a Correspondent Bank When Knowledge of the Deposit is Delayed
اعتماد عمولة تغطية قيمة الحوالة وعمولة تنظيم تعهد قطع تصدير/ كتاب مسبق وعمولة تسديد تعهد
انخفاض قيمة العملة
دفع الأرباح المستحقة للودائع بالعملات الصعبة
أرباح الودائع بالعملة الصعبة
استثمار البنك ودائع العملاء بالعملة الصعبة وردها بالعملة نفسها
عمولة صرف عملة
مشروعية شراء دولار الحوالات بالدولار النقدي
مشروعية تداول العملات في عمليات الصرف قبل تقييدها حقيقة في الحساب
الصرف المؤجل للعملات المختلفة الجنس
بيع البنك عملة أجنبية لجهة ما بسعر يحدد مسبقًا
قيام البنك بإيداع وديعة لدى أحد البنوك الذي يبيعه أجنبية بسعر شراء البنك المركزي
What is the Investment Procedure in Case an Investment Savings Account is Opened in a Foreign Currency?
Revisiting the Ruling on Terminating an International Murabahah Deal before Its Term
Is it Allowed for a Partner to Replace his Customer in a Foreign Currency Investment?
Is it permissible for KFH to become involved in a portfolio for foreign currency exchange?
Is it allowed to fix the exchange price on the subscription day rather than the transaction day?
Spot and Forward Foreign Currency Exchange Transactions
What’s the Committee’s Opinion Regarding the Following Proposals: Accepting Deposits, Execution of Banking Services and Financing & Investment Operations?






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