Promissory Note

When securing a loan, the fi rm and the bank negotiate the amount, the maturity, and the interest rate, as well as any binding covenants that might be included. Aft er an agreement is reached, both parties sign the debt contract, which is sometimes referred to as a promissory note. For further details, see Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.

Total Fatwas : 4
No. Title
1 Resolution No. 152: The Trade Line Scheme that the Corporation wishes to use in dealing with its clients
2 What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding Increasing the Promissory Note Value or the Mortgage Taken as a Security for the Debt?
3 Calculation of Profits According to the Number of Days During which Payment is Made
4 Presentation of Cheques, Bonds and the Like as Guarantee in Murabahah Transactions





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