Bursa Malaysia define Islamic stock broking services as 'the business of trading in securities carried out by an Islamic participating organisation on the stock market of Bursa securities, whether on full-fledged basis or via an Islamic window services'. In other words, Islamic stock broking is an alternative trading mechanism for investors to invest in shares and securities based on Islamic principles. For further details see: Islamic Equity Market, Securities Commission Malaysia.

Total Fatwas : 11
No. Title
1 Using a Brokers to Find a Lessee
2 Can a Broker’s Fee Be Recovered if a Sale is Terminated?
3 Can Someone Who Finds Clients to Lease Property Charge a Fee for Doing so?
4 Is It Allowed for a Company to Assign an Agent to Buy Shares of the Company on Its Behalf and Then Sell Them to Himself?
5 Is it Allowed to Charge a Commission on Every Electronic Purchase and Sale Order of Shares?
6 Is It Allowed for KFH to Act as a Manager to Issue Sukuk That Cannot Be Traded in the Secondary Market Because the Majority of Their Assets Are Debts?
7 Is It Allowed for KFH to Open an Account in a Brokerage Firm that Reserves the Right to Impose Interest on the Overdue Amount Until the Payment is Made?
8 Is It Allowed to Customize a Website for KFH Customers to Buy and Sell Shares of Kuwaiti Companies Online in Exchange for Charging Fees on Each Transaction Executed by a Customer?
9 Is It Allowed for KFH to Be the Selling Agent for a Fund That Was Established for Trading in Shares of GCC Companies Mainly Partaking in Shariah Compliant Activities?
10 Is It Allowed for KFH to be the Selling Agent for Petra Investment Fund?





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