Salam (Delivery) Literally: from sallama: to give, deliver; to advance (a loan) also meaning giving, advance (taslif) and leaving. Technically: sale of a commodity of mentioned specifications that the seller undertakes to supply at a deferred date in exchange for advance payment. The advance payment is called the capital of the salam contract. Or, salam contract refers to a sale contract whereby the seller undertakes to sell some specific commodities to the buyer at an agreed future date in exchange for a price fully paid in advance on a spot basis. See ISRA Islamic Financial System: Principles and Operations for further details.

Total Fatwas : 42
No. Title
1 Can Promises Be Exchanged to Conduct a Second Salam Sale upon Delivery of the Subject of the First Salam Sale?
2 Can the Buyer Resell the Subject Matter of a Salam Sale or Istisna‘ before It Is Delivered?
3 Parallel Salam
4 The sale of a commodity (Muslam Fih) in a Salam sale before taking possession of it
5 Considering the previous loan as a purchase price of Salam
6 General provisions of Salam contract
7 تنفيذ عقد السلم على صفقات
8 وجود عيوب في السلعة في حالة السلم
9 عقد السلم والغاء ازالة الغبن وترك أمر الفصل فيه حسب الاتفاق مع العميل
10 قواعد وأحكام بيع السلم





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