Literally: compensation for a given service. Technically: it is the compensation stipulated for one who completes a task that is either known or unknown and difficult to precisely determine. Conditions for ju'l are that it must be lawful wealth of stipulated type and amount, deliverable, and owned by its promissor. For further details see ISRA Compendium.

Total Fatwas : 69
No. Title
1 Can an Islamic Bank Charge a Fee for Issuing a Letter of Guarantee?
2 Charging Fees For The Issuance Of A Letter Of Guarantee (LG)
3 Is it Lawful for the Government to Provide a Guaranteed Minimum Profit on a Project?
4 Agent: With Or Without Fees?
5 Charging a Fee to Change the Name on the Promissory Note for a Car
6 Charging the Customer a Fee to Fix a Mistake Made by the Bank
7 Selling Traveler’s Checks
8 Can One Party Take Two Separate Roles in One Investment Operation?
10 قرار رقم 189 (4/20) بشأن استكمال موضوع عقود الصيانة





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