Literally: what is given to a person one loves. Technically: wealth given or sent to someone to honour him. Some said: a transfer of wealth to someone for free (which would make it identical to a hibbah). Some added that the transfer occurs during the lifetime of the giver, in order to differentiate it from a bequest. Some stipulated that the gift must be tangible wealth and that it be delivered to the place of the recipient. It has been made legal by the Qur’an, the Sunnah and ijma’ (consensus). For further details see ISRA Compendium.

Total Fatwas : 41
No. Title
1 Can a Landlord Give Selective Discounts to Some Renters?
2 Giving a Customer Facilities to Buy Foreign Currency
3 Can High Net-Worth Accountholders Be Promised Special Privileges?
4 Are Promotional Contests That Offer Prizes a Form of Gambling?
5 Can an Islamic Bank Provide Aid to Certain Clients in Return for Keeping Accounts with the Bank?
6 Resolution No. 179: The Corporation issuing a free Iyābā card for subscribers to the Visa gold card
7 Resolution No. 184: Gifts offered by the Corporation to its clients for purchasing traveller’s checks
8 Can the Primary Seller Give a Performance Award to the Murabahah Buyer for Retail Sales of Its Products and Ignore the Middleman?
9 الجوائز النقدية أوالعينية
10 الجوائز النقدية أو العينية على الحسابات





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