Tabarru': Literally: a voluntary act; a gift which is not preceded by a request. The word tabarru' is derived from the verb tabarra'a, carries the meaning of contribution, gift, donation or charity. Technically: grant of an asset or usufruct by a mature and responsible person, either immediately or at a later time, without compensation with the intention of charity, all that the donor seeks is blessing and reward from Allah (s.w.t). Contracts of this kind are called tabarru'aat (gratuitous contracts). They include endowments, gifts, donations, loans of assets accompanied by gifts of their yield, and other good deeds.  

Total Fatwas : 17
No. Title
1 What Should Be Done with Small Cheques Issued to Accountholders Who Cannot Be Located or Contacted?
2 What to Do with Profits from Investment Accounts Closed by Their Owners when the Old Address Is not Valid?
3 Can an Islamic Bank Provide Aid to Certain Clients in Return for Keeping Accounts with the Bank?
4 The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 165th Meeting
5 The Purchase Undertaker Requests the Intermediate Seller to Pass on Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods
6 أرباح الودائع بالعملة الصعبة
7 Fatwa On Co-operative Insurance: The Decision Of The Council Of Head Of Scholars Of Saudi Arabia (No. 51)
8 Resolution No. 9 (9/2): Concerning Insurance And Reinsurance
9 An Insurance Company Pledges to Collect Debts and to Pay the Debts It Can’t Collect
10 Insurance of a Debt





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