Wa'd (Promise): A promise or undertaking. A promise, such as the one found in purchase and sale undertakings used in certain Islamic finance transactions; a promise to buy or sell certain goods in a certain quantity at a certain time in the future at a certain price.

Total Fatwas : 180
No. Title
1 Can Promises Be Exchanged to Conduct a Second Salam Sale upon Delivery of the Subject of the First Salam Sale?
2 Dual Promise in Commodity Murabaha
3 Sale And Buy-back Agreement (Repo)
4 A Hire-Purchase Agreement with More than One Associated Promise
5 A Forex Option
6 A Promise of Parallel Purchase and Sale of Gold
7 A Promise to Buy or Sell Currency at a Future Date
8 A Promise to Buy or Sell Gold or Silver at a Future Date
9 Right To Buy Currencies
10 A Promise to Sell Currency in the Future





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