Ijarah Muntahiah Bittamlik

AAOIFI Financial Accounting Standard 8 (FAS 8), Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek, states that when a lease does not include a promise that a legal title will pass to the lessee, it is classified as operating ijarah and if there is a promise, it is al-ijarah al-muntahiyah bittamlik. For further details see: ISRA, Islamic Financial System; Principles and Operations.

Total Fatwas : 79
No. Title
1 LCs: Partial Coverage
2 A Hire-Purchase Agreement with More than One Associated Promise
3 Resolution No. 44 (6/5): Alternatives to Hire Purchase
4 Extension Of Leasing Period
5 Leasing Software
6 Promise to Lease and Transfer Ownership
7 Purchase-Lease-Sale
8 Sale And Lease Back
9 Is it Legal to Combine a Construction and Lease-to-Own Contract?
10 Issue Of Partial Completion in Istisna'a





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