Literally: to be deserving of a right. Technically: the coming to light of the fact that something is someone's right that must be given to him. Al-Majallah defined it as “the coming to light of the fact that a person deserves a monetary right”. Entitlement is of two types: 1) istihqaq that invalidates the ownership of all parties; e.g., discovery that a property is an endowment or public property; 2) istihqaq that transfers the ownership from one person to another; for example, if it becomes known after a sale that the commodity is not owned by the seller, the buyer deserves his money back and the real owner takes back his property. For further details see ISRA Compendium.

Total Fatwas : 2
No. Title
1 Is It Permissible to Distribute Profits before They Are Earned?
2 Can the Bank (as the Contractor) Avoid Liability for Defects in a Parallel Construction Contract?





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