Hiyal is the plural form of Hilah (Stratagen). It literally connotes: cleverness and astuteness in handling and discharging matters by secret methods. One who uses a stratagem is called muhtal. Technically: it is used in the same sense. Stratagems are divided into two types: 1) legal stratagems are used in order to carry out the orders of the Lawgiver and avoid His prohibitions; 2) illegal stratagems are used to indulge in forbidden acts or escape from legal duties.

Total Fatwas : 7
No. Title
1 Can a False Statement Be Made to the Authorities to Facilitate Tawarruq?
2 A Murabahah Deal Where the Original Seller Turns out to be the Spouse of the Purchase Undertaker
3 A Pre-Existing Contract Between the Original Seller and the Purchase Undertaker in Murabahah
4 Resolution No. 112: The permissibility of transferring the title of the leased property to the lessee and perfecting a lien on the property
5 Is It Allowed for a Partner to Sell Commodities to Other Partners?
6 Ibra’ in Home Financing Product Linked to a Wadi`ah or Mudarabah Deposit Account
7 Resolution No. 128: The impermissibility of stepping into an existing contract to replace one of the parties





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