Sources of Islamic Law

The scholars have classified the sources of Islamic law into various categories. One of these classifications is based on the origin of the sources. This classification views Qur’an and Sunnah as the primary sources while other sources based on reasoning are called secondary sources. The Qur’an and Sunnah are considered as the sources that originate from the text of revelation which is called textual sources or al-nass. Other sources based on the power of reasoning are called non-textual sources or al-ra’y. For further details see: ISRA, Islamic Financial System; Principles and Operations.



Sadd al-Dhara’''

Can an Islamic Company Build a School for a Client Who Will Run It as a Mixed-Gender Operation?
Can a Creditor Make His Loan Conditional on the Borrower Buying from or Selling to the Creditor?
Is It Permissible to Engage in a Sale Contract on Deferred Basis with a Client Who Directly Communicated with the Producer Abroad to Send Certain Goods?
What Are the Shariah Rules Governing Letter of Credit?
Is It Allowed to Rent a Property to an Interest-Based Bank?
Murabahah to Buy Cassettes Containing Music
The First Seller Demands Earnest Money from the Purchase Undertaker
The Purchase Undertaker by Deferred Payment Wants to Sell the Good before Completing the Payments
تمويل العملاء الذين لديهم مصادر دخل مشكوك فيها
الاستثمار في أسهم الشركات التي لا تهدف إلى التعامل بالربا
Using Murabahah In Cigarette-Related Sales
Sale and Buy Back without Stipulation
Offering a Discount for Paying on Time in a Deferred Purchase Sale
Selling Human Hair to the Textile Industry
One Department of the Bank Buys a Commodity in Cash from a Customer Who Bought it by Deferred Payment from Another Department of the Bank
Selling Human Hair to the Textile Industry
One Department of the Bank Buys a Commodity in Cash from a Customer Who Bought it by Deferred Payment from Another Department of the Bank
Can a Customs Clearing Agent Charge Different Fees Based on the Value of the Goods?
After Selling a Commodity for Cash, the Seller Offers to Buy It Back at a Higher Price for Deferred Payment
Can an Islamic Bank Buy Property in a Non-Muslim Country if Some Tenants Have Shari‘ah Non-Compliant Businesses?
Can a Deposit Be Taken before the Sale if It Is Counted as Part of the Final Price?
Is It Allowed for a Member of the Board of Directors to Rent a House from the Company He Manages?
Is it Allowed to Consider the Seller as the Bank’s Agent When the Buyer Pays Using the Bank’s Credit Card?
Is it Impermissible to Separate the Money of Depositors from the Money of Shareholders?
How permissible is it to subscribe to shares of Al-Qarin Petrochemical Products Company?
Is it Lawful to Open a Documentary Credit for a Customer in Order to Import Non-Alcoholic Beer?
Is it Allowed for KFH after Selling a Car to a Customer to Transfer it by Way of One of the Local Banks to Be Paid for in Installments?


Gifting an Asset at the End of a Lease
Who Is Liable for Damages to Rental Property?
Accounting Arrangements for Recording Collection of Doubtful Debts
Charging a Fee to Change the Name on the Promissory Note for a Car
Is the Conventional Procedure for Dealing with Lost Checks Acceptable?
A Seller Agrees to Accept Expired Products from the Buyer and Replace Them with New Products
Is It Permissible for KFH to Charge a Certain Fee to the Customer for Changing His Name in the Promissory Note to the Name of a New Buyer He Sold the Commodity to?
What Are the Rules of Taking Possession in Currency Trading with Regard to the General Practices of Banks?
Is It Permissible to Buy Imported Goods of Defined Specifications Which Are Still at Sea and Sell Them to a Trader? And Does Ijarah Cover All Types of Goods and Commodities?
If the Manager of a New Building Doesn’t Consider Key Money Lawful, but the Owner Does
A Murabahah Sale in Which the Intermediate Seller Stipulates That the Original Seller Will not Be Paid until the End Buyer Tests It
An L.C. Application Missing Details about the Goods to Be Purchased
Can the Primary Seller Give a Performance Award to the Murabahah Buyer for Retail Sales of Its Products and Ignore the Middleman?
How to Calculate the Selling Price in Murabahah
Period Of Verification
Selling Goods Based On Its Specifications
Insurance Premium
What Expenses Can Be Factored into the Price to Which the Mark-up is Added
What if the Buyer Asks the Installer to Implement Design Changes during Installation, and Only Informs the Seller after the Fact?
A Service Warranty Agreement for a Car
Fee For Group Financing
Accepting Hibah from The Customers
Hibah In Loan (Qardh)
Resolution No.43 (5/5): Abstract Rights
Business Expenses in Musharakah based on Percentage of Capital
Resolution No. 47 (9/5): Urf (Custom)
Is Storage in Public Warehouses with Certificates Detailing the Specifications of the Commodities Considered Possession that Allows Resale?
Can an Islamic Bank Exempt Orphans from Paying Certain Standard Fees?
Can an Islamic Institution Give a Non-Muslim Employee Leave to Celebrate His/Her Religious Holiday?
Is There Any Shari‘ah Limit to a Seller’s Profits?
Can the Islamic Bank Buy Goods from the Retailer and Make It Its Agent to Resell Them to Customers but Stipulate That the Retailer Buy Back Unpurchased Goods?
What Is the Ruling on a Payment before the Down Payment, to Reserve the Right to Buy?
One Party Buys a Truck; the Other Drives It for Monthly Expenses Plus a Share of the Profit after the Owner has Recovered the Price of the Truck
Is KFH Considered a Mudarib or an Agent for Customers in a Currency Portfolio?
Is It Allowed for a Company to Contract with its Subsidiary Companies?
Is Someone Entrusted with a Deposit Liable if It Gets Lost or Stolen?
Is it Shari‘ah Compliant to Make an Accounting Distinction between Prices of Short-Term and Long-Term Corporate Assets?
Can an Islamic Bank Charge a Fee for Changes to the LC Made by Telex?
Can Customary Practice Affect the Ruling on Some Financial Practices?
What Is the Shari‘ah Ruling on Charging a Fee to Issue a Bank Draft?
Are the Amounts Given to Employees for their Official Business Travel Considered Their Right?
Is It Allowed to Install a Satellite Dish for an Apartment Complex?
Is it Permissible to Make an Advance Rental Payment at an Agreed-Upon Percentage In a Real Estate Lease Contract Ending with a Promise to Own the Real Estate?
Is it Allowed to Use the Discount Rate Index of the Central Bank of Kuwait in Determining the Price of Commodities and Services?
Is it Allowed to Buy Shares In a Company that Make Insurance Life the Inventor-Partner?
What is the Ruling on This Proposed Structure of ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik for Lands or Real Estates?
Is it Allowed to Charge Fixed Rescheduling Fees that Are Based on Commercial Standards so that the Fees Charged by KFH Are in Line with Those Charged by Other Banks?
Is it Allowed to Invest in Residential Complexes that Contain Mixed-Gender Swimming Pool?
Hibah in Wadi`ah Contract
Hibah in Qard Contract
Adding Bonus Amount Payable to Distributors in Murabahah Transactions
Adding additional Cost Value in Murabaha Transactions that Include Services in Murabahah Transactions
Client Guarantee for Commodity Soundness in Murabahah Transactions
Conditions for Validity of Bai` `Inah Contract





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