Cooperative/Mutual Takaful

A cooperative is defined as an "autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations, through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise" - International Cooperative Alliance. Under a cooperative model, contributions are collected and pooled into the participants' fund (takaful fund), whilst claims and management expenses are met from the takaful fund. People are employed to collect contributions, manage and administer the scheme and make claims and benefit payments to members. For further details see: TAKAFUL: Realities and Challenges.

Total Fatwas : 9
No. Title
1 قرار رقم: 200 (6/21) بشأن: الأحكام والضوابط الشرعية لأُسس التأمين التعاوني
2 قرار رقم : 215 (11/22) بشأن استكمال بحث قضايا التأمين التعاوني ودراستها
3 قرار 187 (2/20) بشأن التأمين التعاوني: الأحكام والضوابط الشرعية
4 Fatwa On Co-operative Insurance: The Decision Of The Council Of Head Of Scholars Of Saudi Arabia (No. 51)
5 Resolution No. 9 (9/2): Concerning Insurance And Reinsurance
6 Co-Takaful Agreement
7 Murabaha - Standard (86)
8 Ijarah - Standard (165)
9 Ijarah - Standard (169)





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