General takaful products are many and varied but the more common ones are burglary takaful, workmen's compensation takaful, personal accident takaful, employer's liability takaful, fidelity guarantee takaful, money takaful, plate glass takaful and public liability takaful. For further details see: TAKAFUL: Realities and Challenges.

Total Fatwas : 25
No. Title
1 الجهة التي تتحمل تكاليف التأمين في المرابحة
2 Do Subcontractors Who Contribute to Insurance Premiums Have a Right to a Refund Paid to the Main Contractor?
3 Fire Insurance
4 If the Value of Insured Property Fluctuates, What Should the Insured Value Be?
5 Insurance against Investment Risks
6 Insurance against Vandalism
7 Insurance of a Debt
8 Insuring Cash at Bank Branch Offices
9 Insuring Valued Possessions against Fire, Theft, Etc.
10 Transporting Goods with a Guarantee against Loss





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