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  1. Can an Islamic Bank Charge a Fee for Changes to the LC Made by Telex?
    Available in Categories: 'Urf, Wakalah, Letter of Credit
  2. Can an Islamic Bank Share the Commissions Obtained by Its Correspondent Banks from Exporters on an LC?
    Available in Categories: Murabahah, Wakalah
  3. Can an Islamic Bank State in an L.C. or Letter of Guarantee That the Fee Charged by a Conventional Bank Shall Be Obtained from the Beneficiary?
    Available in Categories: Kafalah, Bank Guarantee
  4. Can the Commission the Bank Charges for Opening an LC Be Added to the Expenses Included in the Murabahah Price?
    Available in Categories: Murabahah
  5. Can the Guarantor Charge for the Guarantee?
    Available in Categories: Wakalah, Kafalah, Letter of Credit
  6. Should an Islamic Bank Refuse to Open a Letter of Credit for a Buyer Who Is Planning to Resell the Purchased Commodity to the Government at a Huge Mark-up?
    Available in Categories: Islamic Law of Contract, Letter of Credit
  7. Should the Bank’s Fee for an LC Opened for an Estimated Sum Be Based on the Estimated or Actual Value?
    Available in Categories: Letter of Credit
  8. The Bank Charges a Fee for an LC as Compensation for Missing out on the Difference in Currency Exchange Rates
    Available in Categories: Sarf, Letter of Credit
  9. The Purchaser Opens an LC for Delayed Payment in a Foreign Currency; the Bank Gives a Better Rate for Holding the Money till the Payment
  10. Is an Exporter’s Acknowledgement of the Opening of the LC Qabd? Can the Goods Then be Resold?
    Available in Categories: Islamic Law of Contract, Letter of Credit
  11. Can the Buyer Resell the Subject Matter of a Salam Sale or Istisna‘ before It Is Delivered?
    Available in Categories: Istisna', Salam, Parallel Salam, Bay' al-Dayn
  12. Can Promises Be Exchanged to Conduct a Second Salam Sale upon Delivery of the Subject of the First Salam Sale?
    Available in Categories: Salam, Parallel Salam, Wa'd
  13. Sukuk Murabahah of a Company That Mines Gold
    Available in Categories: Murabahah, Sukuk Structure
  14. Can a Minimum Balance Be Stipulated to Maintain an Investment Account?
    Available in Categories: Savings Account
  15. If the Bank is the Mudarib, Are Its Employees’ Salaries and Allowances Deducted Before Calculating the Profit?
    Available in Categories: Mudarabah
  16. Who Bears the Loss in a Mudarabah Venture?
    Available in Categories: Islamic Law of Contract, Mudarabah
  17. Can a False Statement Be Made to the Authorities to Facilitate Tawarruq?
  18. Can the Bank Inform the Investor of His Expected Profit in Commodity Murabahah with Variations Based on the Currency Used?
    Available in Categories: Murabahah, Sarf, Foreign Exchange, Pricing
  19. Contract Of Sale And Currency Trading
    Available in Categories: Islamic Law of Contract, Murabahah, Sarf
  20. International Commodity Murabahah
    Available in Categories: Tawarruq, Wakalah, Cash financing



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