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  1. Legal/Regulatory & Shariah Issues Underlying Sukuk Structures – Case Studies

    Published on 2016 by Md Nurdin Ngadimon


  2. Sukuk Structures: Influence of Investors' Demands and Projects’ Requirements- Case Studies

    Published on 2016 by Zohra Jabeen


  3. Sukuk Structures and Underlying Projects: The Government and Autonomous Bodies Developmental Projects - Case Studies

    Published on 2016 by Zohra Jabeen

    Sukuk : A Quick Introduction Dr. Zohra Jabeen • receipts • underlying assets underlying assets underlying assets underlying assets • Underlying assets Underlying assets Underlying assets Underlying assets returnreturnreturn • fusion of Sharia requirements and requirements and requirements and requirements and investors…

  4. Introduction to the World of Sukuk and Latest Developments (Global & Malaysia)

    Published on 2016 by Hissam Kamal Hassan

    •SukukStructuresandUnderlyingProjects(casestudies) •SukukStructures:InvestordemandsandProjectRequirements(casestudies) •Sukuk Structures: Legal, Regulatory and Shariahissues]Dr

  5. Shari'ah Non-Compliance Risk In The Banking Sector: Impact On Capital Adequacy Framework Of Islamic Banks

    Published on 2016 by Romzie Rosman, Erdem Oz, Zahid ur Rehman Khokher, Mohammad Mahbubi Ali

    The paper aims to study the nature of Sharīʻah Non-Compliance Risk (SNCR) and explore its implications on the capital adequacy of Islamic banks. This paper endevauors to describe an appropriate approach for the application of capital charge for SNCR in…

  6. Contemporary Islamic Economics: The Missing Dimension of Genuine Islamization

    Published on 2015 by Hafas Furqani, Mohamed Aslam Haneef

    The First International Conference on Islamic Economics held in Makkah, Saudi Arabia in February 1976 is now seen by many as the birthplace of contemporary Islamic economics and its related disciplines. Since that historic conference, many developments have taken place,…

  7. مشروع المنتجات المالية في الفقه الإسلامي بالمعهد الإسلامي للبحوث و التدريب

    Published on 2014 by العياشي الصادق فداد

  8. Islamic Financial Instruments: The Genuine and the Imitation

    Published on 2014 by 4th International Shariah Scholars Forum (ISSF 2009)

  9. Unsecured Installment Credit Cards

    Published on 2014 by Mohammad Ali Elgari ibn Eid

  10. The Foundations of Islamic Finance and The Maqasid al-Shari'ah Requirements

    Published on 2013 by Hafas Furqani, Mohamad Akram Laldin

      The emergence of Islamic finance as a system of thought and practice is timely in the midst of world crisis and the uncertain proposals for solving it. It is hoped that Islamic finance offers a coherent perspective for understanding real economic…

  11. Promoting Musharakah Instruments in Contemporary Islamic Finance

    Published on 2013 by Ferdaus Abdullah Toh


  12. Financial Policy and Planning Office

    Published on 2013 by Ken Baldwin






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