Appraisal of Application of ICT in Zakat Management in Nigeria

Year: 2018

Related Event : Global Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance 2018
Date : 24th October 2018
Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Year : 2018

International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance
Department of Economics
Bayero University Kano

In a digital economy where the Information and Communication Technology (ICT)plays key role and is considered as a major component of an economy, a country that neglects this sector risk losing the opportunity that comes with it.  In a globalised world, countries that adopt   ICT in their economy open   greater opportunities for their development.  Thus, institutions and corporate organizations such as banks  and  other  financial  institutions  have since embraced  ICT  which  leads  to  their  efficiency  and  effectiveness  in  their  operations. Particularly, Muslim countries and institutions are lagging behind in technological innovation and  adaptation. On  the  other  hand,  studies  show  that  zakat  has  the  potential  of  alleviating poverty of USD1.25 per day in Nigeria if properly applied. In view of this, the objective of this  study  is  to  appraise  the  zakat  institutions  in  Nigeria  with  a  view  to  determine  their acceptance and application of ICT in their operations. However, the research uses the existing literature, published reports, contemporary journal articles and conference proceedings to support the arguments made.  The  findings  reveal  that,  Nigerian  zakat  institutions  utilize minimally  the  information  and  communication  Technology  that  could  have  been  widely applied to maximize collection and distribution of the zakat for socio economic development. The paper posits that for efficient and effective zakat practices in Nigeria, modern ICT are extremely needed to harness the institution and to enable it to achieve its socioeconomic objectives.


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