Special Issue 1, 2019


In-Person - Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz (Page: 5)
MIFC Data Updates: Global Sukuk and Islamic Funds as at end-2018 (Page: 10)
Resolution | SAC of BNM: Financial Retakaful Model based on the Concept of Hibah Bithawab (Page: 11)
Islamic Fintech: The Potential Game-Changer for Islamic Banking & Finance Industry (Page: 14)
Potential Application of Blockchain for Islamic Social Finance Institutions (Page: 16)
Blockchain-Driven Remittance: Opportunities for Islamic Finance (Page: 22)
Shariah Views on Bitcoin Crowdfunding (Page: 28)
Crowdfunding: Key Opportunities for Islamic Finance (Page: 32)
Digitalising Zakah Calculation: The Case for Corporate Entities (Page: 36)
Globalisation of Zakah: Islamic Fintech Shrinks the World (Page: 40)
ISRA’s Major Events in 2018 (Page: 42)
ISRA’s Main Publications in 2018 (Page: 44)



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