Interest-free microfinance in India: a case study of Bait-un-Nasr Urban Cooperative Credit Society

Year: 2019

This publication is part of the journal (2011-2)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to understand interest-free microfinance practices in India, identify

issues and recommend possible solutions.

Design/methodology/approach – To achieve the proposed objectives, Bait-un-Nasr (BuN) Urban

Cooperative Credit Society, located in Mumbai, India, is considered for the case study. The study is based on

both primary and secondary data. The primary data are collected through questionnaires and secondary data

from various sources. Performance of the institution is assessed in terms of growth and sustainability


Findings – It is found that BuN has been successful in providing interest-free microfinance services in India.

A few operational issues have been highlighted and possible solutions are recommended. Moreover, it is

found that in comparison to the microfinance industry standards, the performance of BuN has been lower.

Research limitations/implications – BuN is evaluated from only growth and sustainability aspects

and not from the aspect of the socio-economic impacts of its services on the lives of customers.

Practical implications – This study would become a documented source of interest-free microfinance

practices in India. Moreover, the recommendations provided, if implemented, would help BuN in further

growth and development.

Social implications – This study would help create awareness in the society about the practices of

interest-free microfinance.

Originality/value – This paper highlights the interest-free microfinance practices in India that have not

received the needed attention. The paper also attempts to identify key issues pertaining to interest-free

microfinance with possible solutions.

Keywords India, Microfinance, Cooperatives, Islamic microfinance, Sharīʿah, Bait-un-Nasr


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