A New Re-Takaful Model Based on Wadi'ah

ISBN/ISSN: 0128-1976 (Printed) | E-ISSN 2289-4365
Pages: 208
Year: 2010

This publication is part of the journal ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance (English Journal) (2010-1)

This research responds to the call for bringing re-takaful practices closer to the spirit of Islamic finance rather than replicating existing conventional products. An exploration of the wadiah yad damanah contract has raised the possibility that this contract can be applied as an operational model in re-takaful. Although the theory of this model has been mentioned by scholars before, no research was undertaken to test its validity and viability. Thus, ISRA, with the collaboration of MNRB Retakaful, has undertaken to explore this model on the basis of extensive discussion.



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