Is the Ban on "Organised Tawarruq" The Tip of The Iceberg?

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Author: Rafe Haneef
Pages: 31

The paper discusses and analyses the perspectives of both opponents and proponents of tawarruq with the view of ascertaining the soundness of the Fiqh Academy ruling. Interestingly, the tawarruq ruling epitomizes the growing divide between proponents and opponents of the contemporary Islamic finance industry as a whole. Generally, those who oppose tawarruq also abhor murabahah lil amir bi shira’, Ijarah muntahiah bittamlik, contemporary sukukal-mudharabah, musharakah and wakalah and many other contemporary Islamic finance products. The critics view the ban on tawarruq as the tip of the iceberg. The critics want the whole iceberg, the contemporary Islamic finance industry itself, to be exposed and transformed in its totality. Many of the critics believe that the transformation can only be realized by banning all the contemporary contracts mentioned above and rejuvenating the classical mudharabah and musharakah contract. Hence, it is important to discuss the tawarruq ban within the overall Islamic Finance context. 



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