The Concept of Promise and Bilateral Promise in Financial Contracts : A Fiqhi Perspective

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The topic of promises needs clarification and precise determination. It is vitally important because promises are relevant to a great number of contemporary issues. The paper thus reviews the types of promises in the Shari’ah and juristic opinion as to whether promises are legally binding. It concludes by highlighting nine (9) Shariah parameters that must be applied in allowing promises. It argues that if fulfilling promises is a binding obligation, then promises should be not be used indiscriminately; rather, parameters must be laid down to govern their use. Among the suggested parameters are that promises should not displace and impede the objectives of contracts. For example, partnership contracts are intended to make the contracting parties share in the profit and loss; therefore, promises should not be used to negate this essential feature. For the remaining 8 parameters, download the paper! 



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