Contemporary Islamic Economics: The Missing Dimension of Genuine Islamization

Year: 2015

The First International Conference on Islamic Economics held in Makkah, Saudi Arabia in February 1976 is now seen by many as the birthplace of contemporary Islamic economics and its related disciplines. Since that historic conference, many developments have taken place, furthering the development of the discipline in theory and practice. Six other international conferences were organized in Islamabad (1983), Kuala Lumpur (1993), Loughborough (2000), Bahrain (2004), Jakarta (2005) and Jeddah (2008). In addition, hundreds of other international and national level conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia have been organized all over the world discussing various issues at both the theoretical and policy levels from Islamic perspectives. Thousands of books, articles and conference papers have been written, numerous Islamic economic research and teaching institutions have been set up, while even more institutions of higher learning have introduced programs or courses in Islamic economics and its related disciplines, management and accounting.


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