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Summary of the Discussions on Currency Salam held in Islamic Economic Forum

Started on 18th Oct, 2016
Brief Introduction of Islamic Economic Forum:

The Group with title of “Islamic Economic Forum” is for Islamic Economic Professionals – Sharia Scholars, Economists, Professors/Researchers and IF Practitioners for the purpose of positive discussions on various issues and challenges, facing the Islamic Economic Industry in order to explore ideas and solutions, pertaining to Islamic Economic from an economic as well as Sharia perspective. Since there are already various forums devoted to Islamic Economic, this forum is expected to have more emphasis on critical analysis as well as to make ensure you're up to date with the latest market movements, analysis, and research. The ideas generated will be for the benefit of the Islamic Economic Industry globally.

Administrative Committee of the Forum:
Dr. Abdul Bari Mashal (Head of Committee)
Dr. M. Burhan Arbouna
Sheikh Ashraf Gomma Ali
Dr. Yousuf Azim Siddiqi
Dr. M. Iman Sastra
Sheikh Ibrahim Musa Tijani
M. Khalid Hasani (Founder of the Forum)


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