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Islamic charity Jalalabad Association faces finance inquiry

10 January, 2019      277

An inquiry has been opened into an Islamic charity amid concerns over potential mismanagement and a failure to submit accounts, a regulator says. Jalalabad Association, whose objectives include advancing Islam...

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PSE: Shariah-compliant listed firms drop to 56

10 January, 2019      626

THE NUMBER of listed firms compliant with Islamic principles of finance dropped to 56 as of Dec. 25, according to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). A quarterly review posted on...

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Islamic finance volume seen at $2.5tn this year; takaful stays miniscule

09 January, 2019      347

The global volume of the Islamic finance industry will reach about $2.5tn this year, only a small growth from the $2.44tn it reached in 2017 and after it lost some...

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Islamic Banking Slowly Warms To Blockchain

08 January, 2019      213

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Development Bank (IDB) signed an investment agreement in November with i-FinTech Solutions, a Tunisia-based advisory firm, to create a series of shariah-compliant tools to help Islamic banks...

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Islamic banking moot seeks global forum to help Muslims

07 January, 2019      260

LAHORE: The World Islamic Banking and Finance Conference has agreed to establish an international forum to find solutions to banking, finance and sociopolitical issues being faced by the Muslims. The...

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05 January, 2019      390

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 (Bernama) -- The Islamic Finance / FinTech industry, the former being heavily regulated, is one that FINTERRA is targeting with the upcoming launch of its WAQF...

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Islamic finance volume to hit $2.5 trillion this year

04 January, 2019      282

Islamic finance volume is expected to hit $2.5 trillion this year experts have predicted. This is despite the fact that last year did not prove to be much beneficial for...

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The relevance of Islamic financing to Big 4 agenda

03 January, 2019      191

It is obvious that traditional approaches to development that afford the Government full mandate to determine priorities and manage resource mobilisation and allocation cannot guarantee the desired outcomes.   For...

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Blockchain is making its way into Islamic finance

02 January, 2019      1442

Blockchain technology, an unalterable digital information recording system, is increasingly being discovered as a useful tool by Islamic finance institutions and banks for complex financing contracts and Shariah-compliant transactions, as...

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‘Mainstreaming’ of Islamic finance

31 December, 2018      427

When talking about the mainstreaming of Islamic finance, my initial thought about it is words like ‘murabaha’, ‘shariah’, ‘takaful’ and ‘zakat’ would no longer need translation because they have become...

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