Bungkus by honestbee, our solution to the problem with halal food delivery in Malaysia

Institution : Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia - JAKIM, Halal Industry Development Corporation - HDC
04 April, 2019      1067



The Launch of BUNGKUS BY HONESTBEE graced by Hanisofian Alias, Vice President Industry Development, Halal Industry Development Corporation.


KUALA LUMPUR, April 4th, 2019- Bungkus by honestbee was officially launched by Vice President of Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), Hanisofian Alias during The 11th World Halal Conference (WHC) at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Center (MITEC) during his closing remarks on the event.

Bungkus by honestbee is one of the strategic partners for World Halal Conference 2019 and HDC recognises Bungkus by honestbee brand as the preferred halal food delivery partner in Malaysia for being the first food delivery service provider to get the halal certificate from JAKIM.

In Malaysia, previously there were no other food delivery online platform that provides halal food delivery service and as that result, there were no other options for our Muslim consumers to choose when ordering food online. The risk of contamination is always there- when the rider picks up from a non-certified halal restaurant but at the same time also picks up from halal certified restaurant and deliver food to the customer using the same delivery bag. The question raised when there is no proper guidelines on how to monitor the food delivery service overall. This has been the biggest issue in our halal food industry. It is easier for us to get halal food from halal certified restaurants but to provide a halal service for online food delivery is not available in our market.

Afzan Lutfi, Malaysia’s Country Manager of honestbee shared, “We listened to our customers, we heard that a segment of our customers and our partner restaurants voice out the importance of Halal food delivery. So we engaged JAKIM and are now the first food delivery company to receive Halal certification”.

He added “There were no other food delivery provider that has the option of delivering halal service. For us, getting the certification is just not only an Islamic religious requirement but on the other hand, it is especially for the halal food manufacturers who must remain strict for cleanliness and quality control”.

Halal food delivery service was never implemented and introduced in Malaysia. Due to this reason, Bungkus by honestbee took the initiative to partner with JAKIM and HDC to implement this halal service provider for food delivery category so that Malaysians especially Muslim have the confidence when ordering food in online platform.

Muslim customers now have the option when ordering food online without thinking if the food has meet with certain quality halal standard as our tagline goes ‘Makan Puas Puas Tanpa Was Was’. To add on, the word Bungkus means ‘take-away’ which signifies their service as online food delivery platform.

“We understand that Halal merchants have gone through months of thorough processes to be certified halal, and in order to protect halal integrity and their brand image, it is essential to ensure that the whole process, from kitchen to door, is halal. We provide an option for these merchants to complete their halal ecosystem if they choose to partner with us as we have also gone through the scrutinized process and auditing by JAKIM to comply with halal policy and standard. Besides that, Bungkus by honestbee also promotes the convenience of obtaining halal food especially in Malaysia, as well as the halal lifestyle altogether”, added Afzan Lutfi.


About Bungkus by honestbee:

Bungkus by honestbee is a sub-category under honestbee which now has affiliation with more than 1700 restaurants in Malaysia. It is the first halal JAKIM certified food delivery service provider in the world and we aimed to capture the Muslims around big cities in Malaysia.

Download our app honestbee or go to www.honestbee.my to start ordering!

If you would like to know more about Bungkus by honestbee or be one of our merchants, please drop an email at [email protected]m for more info.


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