Islamic banking moot seeks global forum to help Muslims

07 January, 2019      276



LAHORE: The World Islamic Banking and Finance Conference has agreed to establish an international forum to find solutions to banking, finance and sociopolitical issues being faced by the Muslims.

The two-day moot, organised by Minhajul Quran which ended here on Sunday, approved a suggestion by Minhaj deputy chief Hussain Mohyuddin that there should be an international forum comprising scholars from various countries for establishing an Islamic banking system as well as finding solutions to social and political issues being faced by the Muslims across the globe.

The forum members would also play their role in enhancing inter-Muslim states economic activities and helping each other through transfer of technology in agriculture and industrial sectors.

Islamic economic experts from the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Britain, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Uzbekistan participated in the conference.

Dr Hussain also announced official launch of Minhaj Halal Certification Bureau for offering courses in halal businesses to help strengthen global food industry, while his book titled Business Ethics in Islam was also launched on the occasion.

The conference ended with adoption of a declaration which stated that such activities may be undertaken that may promote economic intelligence, advocacy and literacy in the Muslim countries and communities world over.

It also called for promoting Sustainable Development Goals on the pattern of the United Nations Development Programme in relevance to the economics needs of the Muslim communities, and promoting academic and policy oriented research consistent with the teachings of Islam.

It underscored the need for developing a comprehensive agenda for Muslim countries and communities covering all social and economic aspects.

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