Jakim’s halal recognition meets Ukrainian Muslims' needs

Institution : Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia - JAKIM
05 November, 2019      115



KUALA LUMPUR: The recognition of Ukraine’s halal certification by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) meets the need and demand of around two million Muslims currently residing in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergiy Kyslytsya (pic) said the identification of Kyiv-based LLC Certification Centre ‘Halal’ as one of the recognised Foreign Halal Certification Bodies (FHCB) early this year is important alongside the aim of boosting the existing bilateral trade growth between Ukraine and Malaysia.

 “This is important not only for the purpose of exporting it (products) to the Muslim countries, but also reasonably important for the Muslim population in Ukraine (of) around two million people (which is) a number that is higher than in some Muslim countries,” he said to Bernama in an exclusive interview at the news agency’s headquarters during his two-day working visit to Malaysia recently.

Kyslytsya led a Ukrainian delegation comprising Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director-General for the Asia Pacific Region Zhanna Leshchynska and Ambassador of Ukraine to Malaysia Olexander Nechytaylo for Political Consultations between Foreign Ministries of the two countries.
Elaborating, the deputy minister said Ukraine, with such a significant Muslim population, is keen to sit as one of the Observer States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

“Several years ago, we did apply but somehow (it has) not proceeded. We (Ukraine) need to attend to the religious (and) national interest of the Muslim population in our country as well.

“I hope that with the help of countries like Malaysia and other partners in the OIC, sooner or later, our Observer States status will be considered positive.”
Bernama’s report of the (halal) recognition by Jakim early this year, which was announced on the Ukraine Ambassador to Malaysia’s Facebook post, also indirectly gave ‘good news’ for Ukrainian exporters, according to Nechytaylo.

Nechytaylo added that Ukraine-Malaysia bilateral trade had been growing for the third consecutive year and has now approached US$400 million, and the recognition is good news for Ukrainian exporters. 

Jakim’s FHCB appointments are based on the capability of the foreign halal certification bodies that comply with Malaysia’s procedures & guidelines.

The validity of the Ukrainian certification centre’s appointment is two years. – Bernama

Original Source: http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/142827/jakim-s-halal-recognition-meets-ukrainian-muslims-needs/


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