Press Release: Ansar Financial and Development Corporation Declares Dividend

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Ansar Financial and Development Corporation Declares Dividend

Toronto February 12, 2018

Ansar Financial and Development Corporation (“AFDC”) announced today that its board of directors has authorized a dividend at the rate of a $0.03 per share to the shareholders of record as at February 26, 2018. AFDC shares were issued by the company in March 2010 at a price of $1.00 per share. This is the third time a dividend is declared by AFDC’s board of directors.

The ex-dividend date is February 23, 2018 while the dividend payable date is March 12, 2018. The Transfer Agency will issue and mail dividend cheques to the eligible shareholders.

AFDC will designate the full amount of the dividend as an “non-eligible dividend” for purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

About Ansar Financial and Development Corporation

AFDC is a Canadian real estate corporation which holds properties located in the province of Alberta and provides investors with an opportunity to generate income through investments that comply with Ethics and Islamic Sharia law as it relates to finance. Unlike many real estate acquisition and development corporations which secure mortgages and/or incur other forms of debt in order to finance their activities, AFDC’s activities are financed solely through capital invested by its beneficial shareholders, thereby avoiding the need to incur debt and pay Sharia law-prohibited interest. AFDC follows Islamic principle of sharing risk and gain/loss and invests ONLY in Ethical businesses.

AFDC through a subsidiary owns 83% of a developable 185.9 acre parcel of land located on Trans-Canada Highway, about 40 KM east of Calgary in Strathmore, Alberta for the approved project known as Ansar Industrial Park. Plans are under way to start development of Phase 1 consisting of 13-14 industrial lots of various size.

AFDC is listed and is trading at the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) with trade symbol “AFD”.

For more information contact:
Pervez Nasim
Chairman and CEO

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