Zurich Takaful launched Shariah Global Edge Fund in collaboration with BlackRock

22 July, 2020      60



KUALA LUMPUR: Zurich Takaful Malaysia Bhd (Zurich Takaful) has launched the new Shariah Global Edge Fund, a multi-sector Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) managed by leading global asset management firm, BlackRock.

This new fund provides an opportunity to every Malaysian to diversify investment to remain resilient in current market situation.

"We have two firsts here - a new fund offer as an opportunity to recover your savings value in current times and a Global Shariah Fund in collaboration with BlackRock which has a US$7.32 trillion (RM31.19 trillion) in assets on behalf of investors worldwide.

"This combination is Shariah certified, hence provides both transparency and resilience to consumers in Malaysia. It is our responsibility to be responsive to current situation and market needs to create value for them," Zurich Takaful chief executive officer Mukesh Dhawan said in a statement today.

The Global Shariah Fund has an offer price of RM0.501 per unit and is ideal for investors who understand their investment strategy, risk appetite, and seek to diversify their portfolio with foreign exposure to manage volatility for long term growth.

BlackRock's head of iShares Asia Pacific distribution Geir Espeskog said market volatility in the first quarter of 2020 have accelerated investor appetite for broad indexes that consist of high quality companies with strong balance sheets.

He said technology and healthcare sectors comprise of more than 40 per cent of the MSCI World Islamic Index, and these types of companies are key beneficiaries from the stay-at-home economy.

"Investors will continue to diversify and search for growth opportunities across regions and sectors amidst uncertainty, and develop a preference towards companies that score highly on environmental, social, and governance," he said.

The fund is available through Zurich Takaful investment-linked products which are accessible via approximately 6,000 wealth planners nationwide.

Original Source: https://www.nst.com.my/business/2020/07/610629/zurich-takaful-launched-shariah-global-edge-fund-collaboration-blackrock


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