Ontology Tutorial

I-FIKR Ontology is a sophisticated innovative structure developed by ISRA. It maps out the entire Islamic finance industry, identifying the major branches, which are then sub-divided into particular topics. It shows the types, properties and interrelationships between the sectors. All the materials available on the I-FIKR portal are connected based on this rigorous and subtle design.


  1. Subscribe users may click on the desired term in the Ontology map and the map will dynamically rearranged itself to make the selected term come to centre; or
  2. Subscriber my search for terms in the search box, which will give suggestion base on our ontology terms.

Example: Search for Murabahah in the Ontology Map.


Example: Search for Murabahah in the Search Box


Click on the Ontology terms to see results


Click on the content to see details


The Ontology result will continue to grow based on the growth of content on I-FIKR. Ontology is your one stop centre to quick access to I-FIKR content under specific terms.