Islamic Legal Maxims & Their Application in Islamic Finance (2nd Edition, 2020)  239



Islamic Legal Maxims and Their Application in Islamic Finance presents an explanation in English of forty of the most important Islamic legal maxims. It systematically clarifies their meanings and provides examples of their applications in general fiqh issues as well as Islamic finance. It explains each maxim in a way comprehensible to both Shariah experts and Islamic finance practitioners.

The second edition of Islamic Legal Maxims and Their Application in Islamic Finance includes some additional contemporary Islamic finance applications of the maxims. Some new references have been added, and some slight revisions have been made to the original wordings.

The key features of this book are as follows:

 Comprises 40 maxims
 One of the most comprehensive compilations of legal maxims available in English
 Fully meets the professional standards of English composition
 The meaning of each maxim is briefly but thoroughly explained
 The basis for the maxim’s authority from the Quran and the Sunnah is expounded
 Examples are given of its application to general fiqh issues
 Examples are given of its application in Islamic finance, providing clear insight into the various aspects of Sharīʿah compliance

Hopefully, reading it will enable Muslims, and even fair-minded non-Muslims, to understand and appreciate the wisdom of the Sharīʿah and its ability to secure benefit for people and protect them from harm.

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