Vol. 2, Issue 1, June 2010 - ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance (English Journal)  0


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Journal Content

  1. Editorial 
    Editorial | by International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance - ISRA

  2. Table of Content 
    Table of Content | by International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance - ISRA

  3. Islamic Bank Failure: A Case Study 
    Academic Article | by Mahmood Nathie

  4. Islamic Finance: The Structure-Objective Mismatch and Its Consequences´╗┐ 
    Academic Article | by Zubair Hasan

  5. Understanding the Concept of Maslahah and Its Parameters When Used in Financial Transactions 
    Academic Article | by Mohamad Akram Laldin

  6. Assessing the Demand and Supply of Liquidity in Islamic Banking (The Case of Indonesia) 
    Academic Article | by Rifki Ismal

  7. Determinants of Economic Performance of Micro-Credit Clients and Prospects for Islamic Microfinance in Malaysia 
    Academic Article | by Norma Md Saad, Jarita Duasa

  8. Performance of Islamic and Conventional Exchange Traded Funds in Malaysia 
    Practitioner | by Abdou Diaw, Adam Ng Boon Ka, Salwana Hassan

  9. A New Re-Takaful Model Based on Wadi'ah 
    Research Notes | by Muhammad Ali Jinnah Ahmad

  10. The Implementation of Ibra’ In Islamic Banking And Finance: An Analysis in Terms of Banking Operations and Maqasid Al-Shari'ah 
    Research Notes | by Marjan Muhammad

  11. A Diagnosis of Tranching in Light of Shari'ah Principles 
    Research Notes | by Shabnam Mokhtar

  12. Notes on Contributors 
    Notes on Contributors | by International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance - ISRA

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