Vol. 2, Issue 2, Dec 2010 - ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance (English Journal)  0


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Journal Content

  1. Editorial 
    Editorial | by International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance - ISRA

  2. Table of Content 
    Table of Content | by ISRA

  3. Juristic Analysis Of the Profit Distribution Method Of Malaysian Islamic Banks 
    Academic Article | by Amir Shaharuddin

  4. New Musharakah Model in Managing Islamic Investment 
    Academic Article | by Maheran Mohd Jaffar

  5. An Overview of Shari'ah Issues Regarding the Application of the Islamic Letter of Credit Practice in Malaysia 
    Academic Article | by Ahmad Azam Othman, Akhtarzaite Abdul Aziz, Rosmawani Che Hashim

  6. Case Studies of the Practice of Nomination and Hibah by Malaysian Takaful Operators 
    Academic Article | by Nurdianawati Irwani Abdullah, Nazliatul aniza abdul aziz

  7. An Empirical Investigation into SMEs’ Perceptions of Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC) Malaysia Berhad: A Case Study of the Islamic Guarantee Scheme in Malaysia 
    Academic Article | by Amirul Afif Muhamat, Saadiah Mohamad

  8. Islamic Liquidity Management – The Malaysian Experience 
    Practitioner | by Hamim Syahrum Ahmad Mokhtar, Muhammad Ibrahim

  9. Shari'ah Parameters of Hiyal in Islamic Finance 
    Research Notes | by Mohamed Fairooz Abdul Khir

  10. Analytical Study of the Interaction Between Fatawa, Shari'ah Rulings, Resolutions and Conventional Laws in Contemporary Islamic Finance in Malaysia with Cross Reference to the Practices in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Sudan 
    Research Notes | by Mohd Zakhiri Md Nor

  11. Capital Requirements and Banking Behaviour for Islamic Banks 
    Research Notes | by Muhammad Muhaizam Musa

  12. Notes on Contributors 
    Notes on Contributors | by International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance - ISRA

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