Fundamentals and Practices in Islamic Finance  97304


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This book explores various aspects of Islamic finance, from the role of maqasid as-Shari’ah in driving the Islamic financial sector to specific Shari’ah injunctions that govern the provision of products and services. This series aims to play a meaningful role in fulfilling products that need, which of course cannot be achieved without the necessary knowledge, whether theoretical or applied knowledge.


This series provides the tip of the iceberg of the volume of Islamic finance related knowledge and literature that exist within the totality of financial knowledge. Hence, this is a compelling testimony of the expansion of Islamic finance as a body of knowledge that continues to be relevant and definitely timely, in the face of complex economic changes. In general, this series serves as a guide to those who are interested to know more about Islamic finance, its models, mechanisms and uniqueness, and the challenges and the possible solutions and opportunities that present itself to the players of the Islamic finance value chain.




  1. Waqf in Education Funding : The Experience of the International Islamic University Malaysia in Managing Endowment (waqf) Fund
  2. Shari’ah Approved Securities Screening Process in Malaysia
  3. The Role of Shari’ah Advisors in the Development of Islamic Securities
  4. The Shari’ah Objectives (maqasid) of Financial Contracts and Islamic Banking
  5. Islamic Financial System : The Malaysian Experience and the Way Forward
  6. مبدأ التعويض والغرامة المالية في مواجهة مماطلة الديون في المال الإسلامي
  7. حق الانتفاع وضوابط نقله في الإجارة الطويلة

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